My online pseudonym is Amolith. However, if we end up meeting in person, I would be happy to introduce myself as myself. I am a musician, developer, sysadmin, co-host of the Linux Lads and Linux Downtime podcasts, small business owner, and founder of not-for-profit NixNet. At the moment, I’m also a university student studying Computer Science. If you’re interested in a podcast on personal privacy and security through open source software, keep an eye on Redacted.Life for a podcast Jake Bauer and I are working on. We’re hoping to release the first episode by the beginning middle of 2023.

GCS/TW/PA d(+) s+:++ a-- C++(+++) UL+++>$ P
L+++>++++ E+ W++ N++ o? K- w--- O? M-- V? PS+
PE Y++ PGP++ t 5? X R+ tv+ b++ DI++ D+ G
e+>++++ h r y+

Decode my geek code above or create your own.


I will occasionally blog here and that content can be found on the Posts page. Below are a specific few posts that give a good overview of what I typically write about.

About the site

Secluded.Site was hand-written entirely by me and is generated with Hugo. The theme is public and available for anyone to use. I’ll eventually get it added to the themes directory once I clean it up a little (patches welcome!), but until then, you can simply clone the repo and copy the theme to your site.

All of the code is released under the MIT license and the content here is CC-BY 4.0. Source for everything is available on my Forgejo instance.


I can be contacted through many methods but the most reliable and my most preferred will always be email. In order of preference…

  1. Email:
  2. XMPP:
  3. IRC: amolith on Libera and NixNet
  4. Matrix:
    If you absolutely must contact me over this abhorrent protocol (Matrix), do so through an XMPP bridge.
Desktop:   356C7395 B6A79738 DCE819CF E49F3146 9DD3E4E3 C753CF13 140358B8 7540A969
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