I co-host some podcasts

Reading Time: 2 minutes | Published: 2023-08-11 | Last Edited: 2023-08-11

I’ve been co-hosting Linux Lads for a couple years and recently started co-hosting Linux Downtime. I mention them on the home page of this site, but didn’t consider that there are potentially many people subscribed to my RSS feed(s) that never actually look at my home page ^^'

A couple of weeks ago, someone suggested I write an announcement so RSS subscribers can see it. This is that announcement: I co-host some podcasts!

Here are a couple episodes from each that I recommend:

Linux Downtime is part of the Late Night Linux family and the free feed is ad-supported. If you want to listen, but don’t like ads, you can subscribe to the LNL Patreon. Linux Downtime can be had on its own for $5/mo or you can get all the LNL podcasts ad-free for just $10/mo. That includes…

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